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Since the birth of the world's first film on December 28, 1895, it has been more than a hundred years since the film was made! Hong Kong has also produced many excellent classic films. Here are 100 classic Hong Kong films recommended.

1. Hundreds of Hong Kong movies I have to watch.

2. Only Hong Kong films with depth and depth are recommended.

3. Grasp the collection, recommend it to film friends, kill loneliness, and have a movie feast.

Hong Kong films: Hong Kong films of that era have also become an indelible classic in the hearts of a generation. Although the quality of Hong Kong films is uneven now, the taste of old Hong Kong films is the most private preference of movie fans. Film Reaper pursues: there are only good films you can't think of, and there are no classics I can't find.

Hong Kong film 51: gun King (2000)

Douban score: 8.1

Number of evaluators: 32513

Classic index: Leslie Cheung performed very well. Why is this man's eyes so unforgettable—— In "gun King (2000)" Farewell My Concubine ", my brother is in the play, and in" gun king ", my brother is in the devil.

Hong Kong Film 52: Drunken fist (1978)

Douban score: 7.3

Number of evaluators: 27322

Classic index: Jackie Chan, some classic action films seen in childhood—— "Drunken fist (1978)" should be Jackie Chan's masterpiece! It's funny and classic. Drunken boxing is so classic.

Hong Kong Film No. 53: Police Story (1985)

Douban score: 7.7

Number of evaluators: 44430

Classic index: Jackie Chan's most classic film in his early days - "Police Story (1985)" real Kung Fu is a gold lettered sign, which has been hit by generations of Hong Kong filmmakers. Admirable.

Hong Kong Film 54th: half weight (1976)

Douban score: 8.2

Number of evaluators: 10733

Classic index: 76 years, which has just ended the non-human decade, Hong Kong has already had such an outstanding comedy—— "Half a dozen (1976)" sometimes there must be in life, and don't force it at any time in life. The world owes you nothing.

Hong Kong film 55: Shaolin 36 room (1978)

Douban score: 7.6

Number of evaluators: 3168

Classic index: early real kung fu movies, solid martial arts, very good-looking - "Shaolin 36 rooms (1978)" Shaolin spirit masterpiece.

Hong Kong Film No. 56: hot hand detective (1992)

Douban score: 7.9

Number of evaluators: 19956

Classic index: classic works, never tire of reading—— "Hot hand detective (1992)" and "hot hand detective" can be said to be a masterpiece of JohnWoo's "Violence Aesthetics".

Hong Kong Film 57th: Underworld (2005)

Douban score: 7.9

Number of evaluators: 68747

Classic index: Du Qifeng's extreme underworld group portrait, the whole story telling is extremely smooth, the inevitable political metaphor, and the long shot at the end is even more startled, which is awesome—— Underworld (2005) was "lying in the trough" for 100 minutes from beginning to end, which was destined to be Du Qifeng's classic.

Hong Kong Film 58th: the Jianghu is in urgent need (2000)

Douban score: 7.6

Number of evaluators: 22633

Classic index: a good film that was almost ignored—— Lin Chaoxian's inspiration suddenly appeared in the anti type gangster film of "Jianghu in emergency (2000)". Black humor, even some flavor of the Cohen brothers.

Hong Kong Film 59th: God of food (1996)

Douban score: 7.8

Number of evaluators: 185650

Classic index: Ecstatic rice, pee cow pills, all love—— The charm of Xingye's works in "God of food (1996)" lies in that from the ups and downs of life of people and small things, there is only one way to understand the true meaning of success: to do your share to the extreme, then you are not far from success.

Hong Kong Film and television 60th Party: PTU (2003)

Douban score: 7.9

Number of evaluators: 37809

Classic index: there is only one duqifeng who has maintained high yield for so many years and can control the level so evenly. No coincidence, the sense of rhythm is really well controlled—— "PTU (2003)" is a police and bandit film with the color of Du Qifeng, which is full of suspense and unexpected. Group play, everyone has a distinctive personality. I like Lin Xue's performance very much. I didn't expect that he, who often appears in major Hong Kong Police and bandit films, turned out to be from Tianjin. This Cantonese is really great.

Hong Kong Film 61st: marginal people (1981)

Douban score: 7.9

Number of evaluators: 599

Classic index: the originator of undercover theme, Hong Kong new wave—— "Marginal people (1981)" is a classic of the new wave and a work that breaks through the scale.

No. 62 of Hong Kong Film and television: provincial and Hong Kong flag soldiers (1984)

Douban score: 7.7

Number of evaluators: 6899

Classic index: sure enough, this is the ancestor of many realistic Hong Kong gunfight films we have seen—— "Provincial and Hong Kong flag soldiers (1984)" Hong Kong style black film interpretation of human evil.

Hong Kong Film 63rd: eavesdropping on the situation (2009)

Douban score: 7.4

Number of evaluators: 170523

Classic index: the most favorite Hong Kong films in the past ten years, with actors' storylines and atmosphere rendering the original sound music, are all excellent—— "Eavesdropping (2009)" was really amazing to see at the beginning, maintaining the consistent level of Hong Kong films and compact plot.

The 64th film of Hong Kong: the emperor of Shanghai (1993)

Douban score: 7.8

Number of evaluators: 5148

Classic index: This is a film ignored by many people. In fact, its quality is quite high—— The epic of the emperor of the sea (1993)!!!!!

Hong Kong Film 65th Edition: biography of Leiluo (1991)

Douban score: 7.6

Number of evaluators: 19795

Classic index: a classic in Hong Kong biographical films! At that time, Huazai was in full bloom ~ ~ -《

The legend of Leiluo (1991) produced a rare epic flavor in Hong Kong films. Another classic role of Liu Tianwang, Qiu Shuzhen and Zhang Min, once again made me miss the beauties in the golden age of Hong Kong films (saliva).

Hong Kong Film 66: cast name (2007)

Douban score: 6.9

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